Other Atari Goodness

I was born in the mid-seventies, so I have a great fondness for the old Atari games. My cousins and I played Atari 2600 quite often, and I even remember my dad and uncles enjoying a heated Warlords battle from time to time. While some of the games are still fun, what I really like is the nostalgia value that comes from remembering them. So I was very pleased to find a site that has a detailed history of most of the games. AtariAge has box scans, cartridge scans, the owner�s manuals, and even a section offering game tips and cheats. It�s a lot of fun to look at the old packaging and remember when they sold these games at Sears or the local toy store. If the site whets your appetite and you feel the need to revisit some of these games, the similarly named AtariAce site offers refurbished Atari consoles and games for sale. You can buy the games individually or get a console package deal that includes the joysticks and a selection of games. [Mathew Brady]