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Total Recorder is one of best little audio recording apps on the market. It’s cornerstone feature is the ability to schedule recording of live streams in Real, Windows Media, MP3 and QuickTime formats, but that’s far from all it can do. Total Recorder excels at capturing virtually anything passing through your sound card. If you Skype, Total Recorder can capture the call. If you listen to streaming radio, Total Recorder will capture the stream. Unlike many other recording applications, Total Recorder performs these recording functions without requiring a confusing interface. It also works without some of the added latency and distortion caused by similar applications. To record audio from your line in or microphone in on your PC, just switch from software based recording to sound board recording. Total Recorder converts audio from WAV to virtually any codec on your PC. With an audio restoration plug-in, Total Recorder also handles things like Vinyl LP and cassette conversion, although I prefer other applications for that task. While Total Recorder isn’t free, the nominal price for the standard edition more than pays for itself considering the simplicity of recording streams. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $11.95]