Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Run Time: 107min
Director: Kerry Conran
Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow,
Jude Law
DVD Release: 2004

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Sky CaptainAny fan of golden age comic books or the heroic action-adventure films of yesteryear will be pleased to witness the stunning imagery of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Kerry Conran has created a world unto itself, both beautiful and nostalgic, and it is a grand stage for his homage to the old classics. Nearly every archetype of the pulp era is represented, from the film noir newspaperwoman to the dauntless fighter pilot, replete with evil German scientists and a wide assortment of robots and gadgets. The film is goofy, light on logic and full of serendipitous rescues. But it ultimately doesn�t matter, because the effects are so cool. The DVD includes a number of deleted scenes, a gag reel, commentaries, and most notably � the original short movie that inspired this edition. [Mathew Brady]