Download AudioShell

If you rip your CD audio collection or create your own audio files for distribution as a podcast, chances are you will want to make some edits to the metadata of those files. These ID3 tags, as they are known, often don’t get updated automatically with CD ripping software. Tag editors simplify the process but all of them come up lacking in some way. AudioShell lacks the capacity to batch edit ID3 tags, but it really doesn’t need to. After installation, right click virtually any audio or video file and quickly edit the files properties without the overhead of an additional app slowing down your system. AudioShell is the best app I’ve found for adding Album Art to a file. The shell interface provides a quick snapshot of media file properties and a neatly organized interface for making changes. If you record and tag your own audio this is a perfect addition to your suite of media tools.

AudioShell ID3 tag editor screenshot