Download Metacafe
The idea of a community application where other users submit content that’s automatically downloaded to your hard drive based on pre-defined criteria is definitely a cool concept. Metacafe is a service that delivers videos and games to you based on category criteria you select. The media files are somewhat random and are submitted by other users of the Metacafe community. There’s a three day grace period before new users may submit content. As part of the community, you can post comments on files, rate files, send clips to a friend and save out your favorites from the program. Videos range from humorous clips, to music videos, to animations, to movie trailers. Movies are in a variety of formats, so you may need additional codecs on your system to consume everything. The service claims to run all files through a virus scan prior to sending, which should keep the network free from potential pollution. Metacafe is one of those cool media resources that will probably be outlawed someday due to stupid copyright infringements by the users. [Windows 9x/2k/Xp $0.00]