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While I’m capable of singing, the number of cocktails required to put me on stage in a karaoke bar exceeds the number of drinks I can safely consume in an evening by at least 5. I’ll save my vocal exercises for my morning shower or the privacy of my own car. If you happen to be a karaoke hustler headed for the world championships, this app will help you brush up on your skills without needing to hit the Wednesday night stage at your favorite watering hole. Edit lyrics to construct your own word layouts for better emphasis, manage playlists, playback songs in full screen, add custom colors to lyric scrolling and support for KFN, MIDI KAR, LRC and CDG+MP3 files. Create your own karaoke tracks from MP3s. Cheesy animated backgrounds behind the lyrics are an added bonus. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]