DVDRipNBurn and Spyware

Have you ever tried DVDRipNBurn for copying DVDs? Would you recommend it?

DVDRipNBurn is not an app I’m familiar with, despite the fact that numerous freeware download sites list it in their catalog. I search literally hundreds of apps every month sorting out the good stuff from a whole bunch of junk. After seeing a few mentions of DVDRipNBurn, at sites I normally respect, I visited the site directly and downloaded the file to my test system. On the applications site it promises to do all the things you’d want from a DVD ripping program with marketing materials like, “No more worries about losing an expensive DVD,” “You don’t even need the original to play.” Sometimes when something looks too good to be true, it just might be. Read on to find out why you should steer clear of DVDRipNBurn.

DVDRipNBurn promises to back up DVDs and convert them to several different formats. It might do that. I never got that far. All the systems in my house run the Microsoft Antispyware product because I found it to be far more reliable than any of the other options. The install for DVDRipNBurn went smoothly and asked me to reboot upon completion. I almost never reboot after I install an app unless it actually won’t work without a reboot, there are plenty of instances where a reboot isn’t truly required. I’m fairly certain the reboot in this case was to inject some crapware into memory. Following installation I got a warning from MS Antispyware that something was trying to install the NavExcel Search Toolbar, which Microsoft AntiSpyware describes as, “Software that changes browser settings, such as the homepage, without adequate consent.” I then ran a suggested scan to see if anything slipped through during the install. Sure enough, TopMoxie and Ebates Moe Money Maker, two pop-up ad generators, both managed to slip by my defenses during the install process. A quick search on Google for DVDRipNBurn and Spyware turned up numerous instances of people finding their system infected after installing the app. Bottom line, I have no idea whether DVDRipNBurn does what it claims in terms of DVD burning, but steer clear and find another alternative before you subject your system to crap.