Reel Reviews

I’m a fan of good movie reviews. The movies being reviewed don’t need to be good for me to appreciate a quality review; in fact a well thought out review about a bad movie probably takes more effort than a review of a great movie, in many respects. There have been several instances where a compelling review skewed toward a movie being absolute rubbish prompted me to watch the movie simply to see why the reviewer thought the movie was so bad. Reel Reviews by Michael W. Geoghegan offers fairly indepth reviews of movies in about 15-20 minutes per film. Some of the movies are recent releases, some are not so recent, but Michael always comes up with an angle that leaves you wanting to watch any of the movies he’s just talked about. So far, I can’t remember a review from Reel Reviews where Michael tanks a picture, but if he did, I think he would be a case where I’d want to see for myself why he thought the film was so bad. A new review is posted weekly with plenty of material for you to listen to in the Reel Reviews archive.