EssentialPIM – Calendar Contacts and Notes

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While it’s true Windows Vista added a calendar to go with Windows Mail and Thunderbird has its Lightning calendar plugin, having an all-in-one personal information manager is still a better way to go. If you’re using Outlook Express, you will definitely find the lack of calendar and detailed contact info to be a frustration compared to the features of EssentialPIM. I rely on calendar and contacts features to keep my life from becoming too chaotic almost every day. EssentialPIM acts as an organizer, capable of keeping track of calendar events, notes and vital stats for people that you meet as your walking down the street each day. No email client comes with this PIM, but fortunately, clicking on any of the contacts launches your default mail client. I’m still using Outlook for my own information overload, but for those with no need for a pricey information manager, EssentialPIM is up to the task. [Windows 9x/2k/XP/Vista $0.00]