GameOptics X1620

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Designed with gamers in mind, this little LCD add-on is meant to be a tool to keep you in touch with the real world while you’re screen is busy taking you off to other galaxies. Get song info from Winamp, Windows Media Player or iTunes. Avoid IM contacts by watching their messages stream across this little LCD as you slay orcs in World of Warcraft. Track stocks, weather info, memos, system vitals and keep tabs on the latest price wars on personal enhancements and illegal prescription deals (I know I’d sure hate to miss my junk mail). This is perfect for that Outlook 2003 feature where it pops up a message preview each time new mail is delivered to the inbox; I find those notices simultaneously cool and annoying. A hook-and-latch system secures the LCD to any surface. Backlighting keeps text visible even when you turn down the lights for total immersion in a gaming or movie theater environment. This probably crosses into the realm of if you need it, you spend too much time at your PC. Thanks to Gear Live for the tip.