Allway Sync

Note: Since the original publication of this article, Allway Sync is now GoodSync.

Keeping backup copies of your files is always a smart way to avoid losing important data. Daily and weekly backups keep your files archived as a group, but restoring them from a backup or working with the latest version of a file on multiple machines can get confusing. Allway Sync files in the gaps in your file management system, providing a quick solution for keeping files in sync between two drives or two PCs. One of the ways an app like this comes in handy is managing music files between multiple drives. If you typically download files to your My Music folder, for instance, you can synchronize those files to an external drive to back them up. If you sync your files and accidentally delete a file from one location, it’s easy to grab the file from the other location. This isn’t a replacement for a good backup strategy, but it’s a solid solution for keeping file versions in order without generating a bunch of duplicates.