Watch Rocketboom

We didn’t get to see the news anchor skills of Dennis Miller and Jon Stewart when they were starting out, but it’s safe to assume they both honed their abilities long before they ever made it to television. If the Web were a major distribution mechanism during the formative years of either guy, they might have been doing something like RocketBoom. Amanda Congdon does a daily short film of news across the Web, anchor desk style. Her opinions are humorous with an occasional left-leaning political slant and her deadpan delivery is downright hilarious at times. She finds the popular video shorts circulating the Web and works them into her daily video the same way a news anchor would cut to a clip during the course of a “real” news program. Colorful language on the show won’t make it past the FCC screeners unless she’s picked up by Showtime or HBO. You can catch the latest show at the site, browse through the archives or subscribe in your favorite RSS reader to get the daily short films delivered to your desktop. QuickTime is required for playback.