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One of the tricky parts of managing a large music collection is dealing with missing album art or album art that’s just plain wrong. None of the music applications have figured out a bulletproof system for always finding album art. Even the services providing the information, like Gracenote and AMG don’t offer a consistent method for updates (although AMG does make their system obvious). As a result, your music files get no information or wrong information associated with them. Windows Media Player provides an interface to access this information, but associating the right images with a particular audio file is tricky. Album Art Fixer for MCE and WMP offers a solid alternative to making corrections to audio files. By tying into Google Images and Cover Target a quick search of the Internet typically finds the correct album art for a given music track. The interface also provides an option to correct song title and album title information. If a particular track is orphaned from the rest of an album, Album Art Fixer offers a pointer to place the file where it goes. While this isn’t the perfect solution to missing image data for your music, it makes it easy to update file information without needing complicated steps. The app is donationware, so it reminds you how many files you’ve fixed and asks for donations periodically. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]