Download RadioAgent24
If you are holding out on trying one of the online radio recording apps until somebody writes a free one, RadioAgent24 may be your opportunity to go for a test drive. The documentation is poor and it needs to be started twice to register the Windows Media Player plugin used for recording to WMA. By copying the lame_enc.dll file from the LAME encoder into the RadioAgent24 directory, you can also record tracks to MP3. The app works by recording anything playing on the soundcard, so radio stations from iTunes and any of the Windows Media premium services, like MSN and Napster, record just as easily as Shoutcast stations. The app links directly to MSN Music, Choice Radio and MSN Radio as recommended sources of music. It is of course somewhat suspect in regards to whether or not legal to record Internet radio in individual tracks, but in many cases you get what you pay for because the stations are broadcasting in the 96kbps or less range, which probably won’t sound as good as recording the music stations tied into your cable subscription. ReplayRadio is a better experience overall, but for a free app, RadioAgent24. [Windows XP $0.00]