Listen to Claybourne

I can find no proof to the contrary that Claybourne is in fact “the Internet’s first podcast drama series. And almost certainly the Internet’s first sci-fi thriller soap podcast set in a remote town in New Zealand’s North Island. Claybourne is over 20 episodes in since the beginning, with the entire series available for download. If you like well produced radio drama in general, and sci-fi drama in particular, Claybourne should be right up your alley. The story is broken up into bite-sized chunks perfect for a mid-afternoon distraction or to break up the monotony of the morning commute. Production is on par with something you might hear coming from the BBC, with a story that’s better than many I’ve listened to in the past. Which came first, Claybourne or any other sci-fi drama doesn’t really matter. It’s a great story and well worth a listen. You can start with the first episode and work your way through each of the MP3s or you can jump in at any point in the story.