DVD Identifier

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The need to know where your recordable DVD media originated from steps into the realm of super-geeky. It can also come in handy if you want to figure out why those generic disks you purchased as part of a rebate from the local electronics store just won’t seem to work in your DVD player. With a regularly updated database of manufacturers, DVD Identifier works by placing a recordable DVD in your burner and letting the app read the information from the disk. The manufacturer name, which isn’t always the brand name slapped on the packaging is displayed, along with write speeds and capacity. Support for DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD-RAM media is included, with additional information about your burner’s writing capabilities included as well. This works to identify standard 4.7GB disks as well as the new higher capacity dual-layer disks too. While this likely won’t improve your ability to sleep at night, you can now bore your friends at the water cooler with detailed trivia about burnable DVDs like, ‘did you know the Verbatim Digital Movie DVD+R disks are made by Mitsubisi?’