Download LeechGet

Of the multitude of download helpers out there, I haven’t found one with options I really like until recently. A recent annoying issue with my Internet connection led me to trying LeechGet as a solution for downloading. While the creator bills the app as having an Outlook-like interface, I find it far more elegant than the Outlook interface and much easier to navigate the feature set. What makes LeechGet better than other alternatives, from my perspective, is ease of configuration. It’s easy to assign threads to a particular download (which determines how quickly you can grab a particular file). It’s easy to assign a location for a specific file or specify a location for downloads from a frequently visited site. A queue timer automatically starts downloads after a specific time, while a sleep function lets you line up the queue without starting to process any downloads. You can easily import or export a list of URLs of downloadable files for use elsewhere. Create profiles to manage various download scenarios and even configure default behaviors for finished downloads of specific file types, including running a virus scan. There are plenty of download management apps out there, but LeechGet is my new favorite for grabbing large audio and video files.