Macally Syncbox II

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Transferring data between two USB devices almost always requires a computer in the middle. This isn’t convenient when you filled up your camera’s Compact Flash card while you’re on an outing and you want to take more photos without deleting any of the memories you already captured. Or if you need to share a file on a keychain drive, but don’t want to transfer it to a PC first. When you don’t want to deal with transferring files across a computer, Syncbox II will do the job for most file transfer needs.
Syncbox IITo transfer a file, connect two USB devices to the Syncbox, select individual files for transfer and move the files between devices. File browsing is performed on a monochrome screen, which is more than functional for a quick transfer between a camera and a keychain drive or transferring songs between two USB connected portable music players. The Syncbox II could act as a transfer agent between two USB hard drives, although you might drain the three AAA batteries quickly. At 4 ounces and 2.3×3.4×0.9 inches Syncbox II easily fits in a pocket, purse or camera bag waiting for the moment when data transfer becomes necessary. If you don’t need the screen and just want to do a mass transfer of files, there’s the original Syncbox, which also connects USB devices for quick transfer.