The Legend of Sasquatch Mountain

See Larry Carlson’s The Legend of Sasquatch Mountain

I grew up in Iowa hearing about Sasquatch sightings and the Loch Ness monster through reliable sources like Geraldo Rivera and Time Life Books. The fuzzy film footage was never good enough to state the existence of anything beyond a doubt, except for the fact that people who see potentially mythical creatures in the wild could never cut it as cinematic photographers. I didn’t realize when I moved to Seattle that I parked myself within 100 miles of many of the most frequently cited locations for viewing Sasquatch in the wild. I have yet to see this hairy humanoid creature myself, so I’m reserving the right to presume it’s the hallucinogenic effect of proximity to Canada combined with frequent cloud cover that’s causing these sightings, not any real discovery of the North American great ape. This video plays more like an homage to the first meeting of Hieronymus Bosch and Monty Python rather than any kind of serious look at the possibility of another humanoid creature in our midst here in the Northwest. Other imagery presented by Larry Carlson is equally strange so prepare yourself for a journey through time and space set to the strains of Indian-influenced electronica.