Star Wars Revelations

The Star Wars galaxy as remade by the uber-fans who created Revelations falls somewhere between the original worlds created in episodes IV, V and VI and the purly digital realm of the introductory trio. In a way, it’s a fitting placement since the Revelations falls between episodes III and IV in the chronology. The movie is a fully endorsed addition to the Star Wars universe, with the stipulation that it be non-profit. The visuals, while not on par with ILM material are far better than most low-budget affairs on SciFi. According to the site, “Revelations takes place between Episodes 3 and 4 of the Star Wars Saga. Emperor Palpatine’s power has spread throughout the galaxy. Darth Vader is a feared figure. The Jedi are hunted fugitives. Anyone suspected of harboring Jedi or having any information about them is taken into Imperial custody. I’d take this story line over either Episodes I and II, but that may be a matter of personal taste. Be prepared for slow download times as this is a fresh release and was only made available just recently. Even the torrents seem to be taking their sweet time.