The Awakening of Consciousness

Watch The Awakening of Consciousness

The tag line at the end of this animated short, “Life is difficult, but it is easier to bare in videogames” leaves me wondering if the animators made a critical homonym substitution error or are attempting philosophical idealism suggesting life can be stripped down when presented as 8-bit heroes. Either way, this is one of the more entertaining animated shorts I’ve seen in ages, complete with a mystic nod to kung fu theater, Eighties arcade action and a hit list of animation styles all meshed into an entertaining fight sequence between two characters that might be more at home inside Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. The background music swings between arcade MIDI to more compositional electronica for a background fitting the animation style every step of the way. The animators are obviously talented with a flare for self-deprication making the short simultaneously humorous and a serious exercise in animation skill. The download sizes are quite large but well worth the resulting playback.