David Lawrence’s Personal Netcast

Listen to David Lawrence’s Personal Netcast

You may know David Lawrence from his radio shows, Online Tonight and The David Lawrence Show, which are available on XM Extreme 152, Sirius Talk Central 148, WGN Radio, KNEW, and a slew of other terrestrial stations. David is one of those people capable of identifying challenging tech topics and clarifying them in a way that simultaneously entertains geeks and makes the complex comprehensible for normal people. He’s got strong opinions backed up by a solid complement of research and will definitely challenge your way of looking at any topic, even when you agree with what he’s saying. Online Tonight recently extended its reach into the podcasting arena, compressing a ton of great topics into 10 minute clips. The shows hit approximately every other day, so you won’t be overwhelmed with more information than you can consume. Like everything David involves himself with, the production quality is top-notch and the information is the smart stuff you might expect from someone steeped in tech culture. You get news and a recap of some of the best of what was covered on the fully loaded version of the Online Tonight show in your own Personal Netcast.