HP dvd640 Lightscribe DVD Burner

The Lightscribe technology for burning images to the surface of DVDs is a compelling alternative to scribbling text with a Sharpie or using a stick-on label whose sole purpose is to comsume printing fluids. HP offers a range of DVD burning drives capable of burning text and simple graphic to the label side of DVD and CD blanks with the same laser your drive might use to burn data to the storage side of the disk. In order to take advantage of this new burning development you need two things, a Lightscribe ready burner and specially formatted blank media capable of accepting burned images on their surface. Jason Dunn of Digital Media Thoughts recently reviewed the HP Lightscribe ready dvd640, which is the first retail shipping drive from HP with support for Lightscribe burning. While Jason points out a few minor shortcomings with the drive, he’s impressed overall and gives the technology a recommend. Make sure you check out one of the video reviews at Digital Media Thoughts for a full visual account of Jason’s Lightscribe experience.
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