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Antivirus is one of the key components of computing that should be automatic. Translation, antivirus is one area where Microsoft should be bundling software into every shipping version of their operating system. Instead we get trial versions shipping with OEM hardware from places like Dell and HP with renewal rates much lower than they should be. Each of us is at the mercy of every other computer user connected to the Internet’s ability to secure their system. That’s not economically feasible for some and not technologically feasible for many. It’s in every other computer user’s best interest to eliminate the possibility of virus infections because no viruses means fewer junk mail messages, less time wasted on trying to recover infected machines and more time to devote to more useful computing developments. AVG is gracious enough to offer a free version of their antivirus product, but it isn’t updated as quickly as the full version and always seems to hog resources on any system I install it on. I’m finding ClamWin to be the most attractive free solution for Windows antivirus protection. It’s based on the Clam AntiVirus engine, providing a simple user interface for integration into Windows and email clients like Outlook. The Clam AntiVirus engine is used in many enterprise production environments, so you’re in good company. ClamWin scans files, supports scheduled scanning, receives automatic virus database updates and does all the key things you expect from antivirus protection. One downside to this particular app is that Windows XP SP2 does not recognize ClamWin and continues to report lack of antivirus on your system with ClamWin installed. If you already use an antivirus product, stick with it for as long as it keeps you safe. If you need an affordable antivirus package, or need something to recommend, ClamWin Free AntiVirus makes a good choice. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]