Download xp-AntiSpy

xp-AntiSpy exposes several useful tweaks to Windows XP in one common interface. It also offers a common interface for disabling many of the auto-update features built into various Microsoft applications deemed privacy invading by some of the more paranoid PC users. A few of the features, like clearing the pagefile at shutdown, cleaning your Internet cache and cleaning history of recently used documents can help protect your privacy. Deactivation of Scripting Host, disabling ActiveX and turning off Javaccript are potentially useful in keeping you protected, although they may introduce a level of annoyance if you aren’t using an alternate browser like Firefox. Many of the features found here are available in a variety of other apps (most of which aren’t free) or may be accessed manually by interacting with specific programs. If massive interface tweaking isn’t your thing, then xp-AntiSpy may do the trick for handling some of the more common security and privacy tweaks. [Windows XP $0.00]