Belarc Advisor

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Belarc Advisor provides a quick snapshot of the state of your computer. Easily discover hardware details like memory installed and type, board manufacturer and BIOS version, logical drives, available free space, additional drives and connected printers. A full list of every application installed on your system, including Microsoft hotfixes, license keys for any registered software and third-party software from commercial, freeware and shareware publishers. Security status provides an overview of the state of system security, including virus protection (it failed to detect the virus protection installed on my test system), Microsoft Security Updates and general Center for Information Security benchmark security test results. The security audit is one of the more telling features of this app, providing warning signs for things like password length and age of your password. It warns against common permissions issues and other security holes providing access for malicious software to execute itself on your system. If you are curious about where possibly security issues may exist on your system, Belarc Advisor isn’t perfect but it’s one of the best tools I’ve seen for keeping your system optimized for avoidance of malware and potential security leaks. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]