Download Sweepi

Since my recent grumbling about the lack of a decent free option for cleaning up potential privacy leaks via system files, I’ve discovered Sweepi. This app removes deletes all the temp files and auto complete data that might lead a snoop to your personal information. It clears Log files, temp files, cookies, various recent items lists, password autocompletes, history data and a whole host of other places you wouldn’t want to leave your personal file laundry sitting in the open. It includes Sweepi Slicer, which overwrites data nine times during the delete process, which makes most data unrecoverable (although 21 times is claimed to be the magic number for true permanent deletion). Sweepi ShortCutter eliminates short cuts that may have been left behind by apps you deleted or moved. Sweepi BootManager helps eliminate start up items if you prefer something more graphical than MSCONFIG. Three modes of operation provide varying levels of cleanup customization. Overall, Sweepi is a solid free solution for performing basic disk cleanup and privacy protection routines on temporary files. The interface needs a few feature enhancements, like better clarification of items being checked in the wizard, but for free this is currently the best option available. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]