The Sound of Young America

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Santa Cruz locals may already be familiar with the comedic voices of Jesse “America’s Radio Sweetheart” Thorne and Jordan “Boy Detective” Morris as on-air personalities at community radio station KZSC. They also do a downloadable show, The Sound of Young America, available as a podcast. The talk show format sprinkles quirky comedic music of the variety you might find on Dr. Demento around interviews with notables from the music, comedy and online worlds. A recent show includes interviews with The Onion writer Joe Garden and The Onion’s editor in chief, Carol Kolb. The comedy verges on sophomoric at times without ever veering into the wasteland of pointless offensive drivel, which gives the show an edge comedy fans will either appreciate or despise depending on your taste in comedy. If you’re looking for some light entertainment with the occasional dose of the intellectual, this is a good place to get your fix.