Rush Limbaugh is Podcasting

Several months ago I said podcasting needed high profile talk radio personalities Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern to enter the fray to add legitimacy. You don’t have to agree with either man to know they each command a massive audience. Looks like Rush is taking the lead. Love or hate the man behind the golden EIB microphone, he’s got a dedicated following. Subscribers to Rush 24/7 pay an annual fee to get additional material from him already, adding a podcast is only natural. The good news for regular podcasters is that Limbaugh will be encouraging his paid subscribers to use a podcasting client, which translates to lots of regular people starting to understand podcasting. This announcement from Rush is a bigger deal than a show about podcasting on Sirius because Rush gets more listeners daily than the entire combined subscriber audience of the satellite network. As Rush goes, so goes the rest of Clear Channel; here comes massive adoption.