Why I Chose iPod… Again

As some of you may already know, I’m an iPod user. To be more specific, I own a 10GB third generation model that I purchased about three years ago. Since that time my experience with the device has been nothing but pure joy. iPod has served my digital audio needs in every manner, and very well I might add. But after several years of use, battery life is beginning to deteriorate significantly, often needing to be recharged daily..sometimes TWICE daily. Since my nephew’s graduation is coming up this week, I thought I would donate my little white audio workhorse to him, and upgrade to a new device. So began my journey.

The above excerpt is from the article, Why I Chose iPod… Again, at Digital Media Thoughts. While my personal listening needs don’t align 100 percent with Kent Pibberknow’s for sticking with the iPod as his player of choice, I can relate to most reasons he sites for picking an iPod over brand X. I want a subscription service and Apple currently doesn’t deliver a service that lets me have every song in the iTunes library for a flat monthly fee. As I’ve stated many times, I view subscription services as the perfect way to consume music that may interest me today but won’t interest me over the long term. This is definitely an article worth reading for anyone in the market for a portable media player.

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