Download FireANT

When I first found out about FireANT, I was ecstatic. An app designed to subscribe to sites regularly posting videos is a dream come true in my mind, especially since there are a bunch of sites now regularly publishing new video shorts daily (RocketBoom being my favorite). At the time, FireANT was available for Mac only, with a Windows version coming soon. The Windows version is here and is everything I could have hoped for in a video subscription app. A built in directory connects you with any sites currently offering subscription video. Support for manual subscriptions via the Web makes it easy to discover sites not listed in the directory. And Yahoo Video search results are also supported. Choose to download movies or view them in the embedded player built into the app. The only downside to the app is somewhat minimal content offerings at present, which presents an opportunity for ambitious video artisans looking to gain an audience. .NET is required. [Windows XP/Mac OS X $0.00]