Asterisk Logger

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Every so often, I’m guilty of typing in a password on screen and then promptly forgetting to file it again where I can get it back again. This can be especially annoying when the password is saved on your system, so the login still works, but you can’t get to the password to get it back again. Enter Asterisk Logger to save the day by revealing the hidden password behind those asterisks displayed on screen. The software effectively overrides the password masking feature of any onscreen box normally displaying asterisks in the password field showing you the real information and logging it to a file with a data stamp letting you know when the password was recovered. Like many apps in the password recovery category, this type of software also has the potential to be used for evil; someone accessing your computer could just as easily use Asterisk Logger to obtain your password on specific sites, so I recommend using the app to recover what’s needed and then uninstalling it from your system to remove the temptation of abuse (realizing of course that this or any other password recovery app could be re-installed in the event of a system compromise). If you’ve ever forgotten a saved password, this can be a data-saver. If you need to recover passwords from IE, you’ll need a different app. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]