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On my morning walk from the house to one of several near by coffee shops my eardrums frequently vibrate to the sounds of someone reading me a science fiction story. Sometimes the stories originate from almost three years of audio book selections from Audible. Occasionally I’m tuned into a random recording created by a fan who labored in reading a novel from his or her favorite writer. This is satisfying to a point, but I find myself wanting to keep listening instead of doing more productive things (the same way I tend to read just one more chapter, followed by just one more chapter before sleeping). I feel like I need to reach a good stopping point before continuing my day. Escape Pod is helping me solve my dilemma by reading some great short stories from start to finish in about the time it takes to get my coffee and return home. Depending on the day, Escape Pod also includes footnotes in sci-fi history, commentary about current events in science fiction, and whatever else happens to be on the mind of host, Stephen Eley. The stories are always fresh, from many of the same writers who appear in sci-fi print magazines, as read by the voices of Escape Pod. The next time you need to evacuate from the daily doldrums, blast of with Escape Pod and take a brief trip to another universe.