Your Computer in Virtual 3-D!

Download 3D-Space VFS

Did you ever wish you could just dispense with the hierarchical file structure in your computer and just lay everything out where you can see it? You can–it’s called 3D-Space VFS. Try saying that 3 times fast… Anyway, 3D-Space VFS opens up a virtual 3D space in a window, displaying shortcuts (default setting–can be customized) to all the basic apps and utilities on your Mac. This has the effect of a virtual desktop with all your stuff on one zoomable, draggable tabletop spread out before you. No more wondering which tree a file is in–even with the power of Spotlight (or even better–Quicksilver), it’s hard to search for a file when you don’t remember what it’s called, but you KNOW you just had it…

3D-Space VFS expands desktop real estate drastically, since the effect creates less of a true 3-D architecture and more of an overhead, expanded 2-D plane. Put little green creatures on it and it would feel like World of Warcraft or Diablo. The only real drawback to the system is that navigation through the file structure needs refinement, as it is necessary to right-click, then select a cascading menu item to go up a level. Counter-intuitive and a surprising overlook in an otherwise visionary (get it?) program.

Perhaps in a later incarnation 3D-Space VFS will come into its own and develop a more efficient set of navigation controls, but for now, download it and play with the trial version, if only to get a taste for where the future of browsing is headed. {For: OS X $29.00} [Britt Godwin]