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Finger-picking and fiddle playing are two sounds we don’t hear enough of in mainstream music. Every now and then a group like String Cheese Incident or Squirrel Nut Zippers sneaks into popular consciousness long enough to make an impact, but in general, these classic sounds are relegated to bluegrass tunes that can’t even find a popular home in the country music following they spawned ages ago. Fortunately there are plenty of musicians carrying the bluegrass torch in spite of popular obscurity. The Bluegrass Express publishes a regular show featuring classic bluegrass recordings coupled with some of the modern bluegrass talent as hosted by a man known only as ‘Pepie’. Since launching in March 2005, Bluegrass Express now offers 5 shows packed with some of the best in banjo and fiddle music. Check back for show updates or subscribe to have Bluegrass Express delivered to your desktop.