Microsoft AntiSpyware Build 1.0.614

Download Microsoft AntiSpyware

Microsoft AntiSpyware certainly isn’t new at this point, but the new build solves one of the key issues with the previous beta release, making it an important download. If you currently use MS AntiSpyware to defend your system, look in Help > About to see which build is installed on your system. If the build is listed as anything other than 1.0.614, I recommend downloading an updated version of the system. The Microsoft site claims the new features are added automatically to users with builds 1.0.501 and 1.0.509, but updating my test systems didn’t change the build number, which leads me to believe I didn’t get the full update. Since the only way to know if the enhanced features are there is to get infected with spyware, err on the side of caution and get the new build directly from the source. I wrote previously about a bug in the earlier beta versions, which is apparently fixed in this new 1.0.614 software build. Microsoft AntiSpyware remains in beta at this point, however, it’s by far the best of the AntiSpyware packages on the market. If you aren’t using an AntiSpyware package of some kind, this is a good time to get your system protected with a rock-solid solution. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]