iTunes Custom RSS Tags – Subtitle

The Subtitle tag is used in iTunes to provide a quick 255 character summary of your podcast underneath the title on it’s information page in iTunes. This can be a clever phrase or a continuation of the theme defined in your name. In the case of podcasts with names longer than 255 characters, this might be a good place to extend your name so that iTunes doesn’t inadvertently cut it off. This doesn’t seem like a particularly useful tag on the surface, but it’s part of the retro-fit Apple made to conform podcasting to the layout of the iTunes Music Store. This tag is used in two places in your feed, with two different uses. It appears in the channel definition as a subtitle for the podcast and it appears in the item definition and is used for the Description of individual episodes in iTunes Music Store. For a Movable Type generated feed, I use the <$MTEntryExcerpts$> definition to populate the item level Subtitle.
The Subtitle tag looks like this:
<itunes:subtitle>Subtitle of Your Podcast</itunes:subtitle>