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Accounting software packages seem to be one of those computer tools that make you pay and pay and pay. Microsoft Money and Quicken both offer incremental upgrades slapped with the upcoming year in hopes you’ll upgrade to a newer version of your checkbook register, complete with more upsells and complicated features few of us will ever use. Free accounting is quite capable of handling the basics for both personal and business use, with a full complement of banking, bill paying, invoicing, CRM, vendor management, sales tracking and all the subaccounts a small business owner might ever need. The interface looks familiar for anyone who previously used one of the commercial products. The only annoyance factor is a banner ad inside the app, but it’s not spying you (the ads are embedded), which is no worse than the constant service upsells found in the Intuit product line. The information database is based on Microsoft’s MSSQL which makes it highly portable. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]