iTunes Custom RSS Tags – Channel Tag Implementation

The individual <itunes:x> tags making up the iTunes RSS 2.0 specification don’t add value unless implemented correctly. After verifying proper linkage to the Document Type Definition (DTD) it’s time to place the within your feed. Some of the tags are meant specifically for the <channel> section of your feed. These tags are placed somewhere after the opening <channel> reference and prior to the <item> reference within the feed.
As a group this collection of tags looks like this:
<itunes:author>Name of Your Podcast</itunes:author>
<itunes:subtitle>Subtitle of Your Podcast 255 character max</itunes:subtitle>
<itunes:summary> Description of your podcast goes here. </itunes:summary>
<itunes:name>Name of Your Podcast</itunes:name>
<itunes:category text=”Category”>
<itunes:category text=”Subcategory” />
<itunes:image href=”; />