Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Download Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) scans for missing security updates for Windows, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media player. It also runs test for macro vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office applications, in addition to testing for password security strength and a number of other issues vital to securing your data. A older version of this app has been kicking around online for several years now. Depending on which apps you run on your system, you may want to stick with the older version a little longer. Older Microsoft apps like Office 2000 and the entire line of 2000 server products are no longer supported by the new version. Still, if you’re trying to harden your defenses, this is a good place to start in establishing guidelines for a well defended system. MBSA will point out places you haven’t locked down unused services, identify missing patches and make recommendations for tighter security practices throughout your computing environment. [Windows XP $0.00]