Hand Crank LED Flashlight

It’s odd how something as mundane as a flashlight can seem exciting when it’s coupled with an even more mundane source of energy. When it came time to purchase a new flashlight, instead of a rechargeable battery draining, incandescent beam I opted for something that combines ages old technology with the latest craze in lighting.

demonstration of a hand crank flashlight

What I didn’t realize when I picked one up at a local electronics store is that there are literally dozens of these things floating around. The flashlight recharges itself via a hand crank, churning out 1 hour of lighting power for every minute of cranking. I haven’t tested to see how many hours of juice the battery will store, but thirty seconds of turning the crank produced a light source with plenty of power.

The 3 LEDs inside provide a ton of light, making it easy to see where you’re going and creating an interesting tool for adding a fill in low-lit photographic opportunities. As long as you can turn the handle, this light will keep shining for hours and hours, even in those remote locations where a batteries and power outlets are a mysterious invention undiscovered. Instead of worrying whether that flashlight you stashed in the bureau drawer in case of power failure still has juice; a hand crank flashlight makes sure you’ll have the light you need when you need it.

The model pictured here includes a solar panel on the side, which helps keep the battery charged if you store it in a place that gets light instead of in a drawer.

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