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Icons aren’t something I think about on a daily basis, despite clicking shortcuts to launch my applications. There was a time when making custom icons was all the rage, but XP and it’s lack of graphic innovation gradually lost my interest in creating new icons. Hopefully Longhorn will change my tune when it finally ships. When I do decide to tweak a few small pixel formations, I’m finding myself drawn to IconoMaker as a great solution for miniature image manipulation. The app supports 32-bit color with transparent areas in Windows XP icons. The app imports ICO, PNG, XPM and ICPR images, which covers most of the majors you might want to work with in the icon space. For editing, the color manipulation, pencil and brush tools and flood filling will all seem very familiar to anyone experienced with traditional image editors like Photoshop. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]