Opanda IExif

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Having access to EXIF data associated with an image is great because depending on the camera and associated gadgets used in the imaging process, you can find out many interesting details about your favorite images. There’s plenty to learn from seeing what type of camera was used and the various camera settings configured at the time one of your favorite pictures was taken. I still haven’t found the perfect solution for viewing digital image EXIF data. Many apps provide support for EXIF viewing, but I find each one lacking in some capacity. Opanda IExif is appealing to me because it integrates with either IE or Firefox, giving me an EXIF viewer built into the browser. It also provides full support for GPS data, which many viewers I’ve tried recently ignore. In addition to supporting the latest EXIF standard, Opanda also supports most of the EXIF extensions from the major digicam manufacturers like Sony, Nikon and Canon. I’m not entirely convinced that IExif is the perfect solution for my EXIF browsing needs, but at least it offers a decent breakdown of the information I want in an accessible fashion. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]