Rainforest Tag

I’m posting a little less than normal this week because we’re headed for the Washington coast to see what the world looks like on the other side of Puget Sound. Wyatt’s never been to the ocean before and while the Sound ultimately connects to the ocean it isn’t quite the same. We’re also hoping to visit the rainforest area of Olympic National Park, but the weather prediction for the far side of the Olympic mountains range doesn’t look so hot, so our outdoor activities may or may not be limited. With any luck, I’ll have some interesting pictures to post on Flickr when we return.
If you haven’t tried Flickr, go get a free account and check it out. One of the things that makes it seriously cool is a tagging feature that lets you assign keywords to your images. After you tag your images, you can see the kinds of photos other people on Flickr are tagging with the same keyword. There’s also a social component where you can label other Flickr members as friends or family, which makes it easier to assign permission to certain photos, but you aren’t required to have any friends to take advantage of tagging. I’m personally a big fan of tags because they make it easier to sort information when used effective. For a recent interview for The Chris Pirillo Show, we talked to Kevin Marks who is one of the developers making tag search engine Technorati work better. I’ve been using tags in a somewhat limited capacity to find news and information about things I consider important, but that conversation with Kevin opened my eyes to the subtly to tagging.
If you happened to hit the Free Accounting Software app I featured earlier in the week, only to discover the download was unavailable, apparently the company switched to requiring registration prior to download. Maybe it became too popluar to quickly, who knows? Regardless, it’s definitely a high caliber app, whether you just want to balance a checkbook or manage your business finances. I updated the link and it should work as expected now.