Think Change

In its upcoming August issue, MacWorld’s cover article is about the Apple switch to Intel hardware. Now, being a respected industry source of news, MacWorld is expected to weigh in with its own article and opinions, but hasn’t this Mac-Tel thing gone a little too far? This shouldn’t be any greater an issue than the previous hardware changes Apple has gone through in its history, and should be easier than most, as Apple has once again characteristically planned ahead, developing parallel versions of X since 10.1 and providing a translation program, Rosetta, that promises to be even easier than running Classic.
What I see this as is a resistance to change–admittedly, lack of change is comfortable and predictable. However, if there is one constant, one mantra sung from the rooftops of 1 Infinite Loop Drive, Cupertino, CA, it is that change is good. Apple is the undisputed leader in innovative devices and programs for that one reason. Jobs has shown consistently that he is willing to do what is necessary to keep Apple innovating, changing, and by example, leading his company and the personal computer industry, taking it in directions it had never seen. Take the letter “I,” for example–you can’t throw a mouse without hitting something that starts with i: ipod, iTrip, iLife, iBook.
Yes, this is a major change for those involved in the hardware side, and even a few in the software development arena, but for the vast majority of us, it’s just another upgrade;better, faster, more capable. Heck, nobody saw the Keynote speech climax coming–we all thought it was a G5…
Until Jobs goes to work for Microsoft, I will continue to do what has made we Mac users the force we are; leaders who know that eventually everyone else will do what we learned long ago: Think Different.