Spilled Hot Coffee!

The modification (“mod”) for the popular game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas called “Hot Coffee” apparently takes otherwise (granted, highly) suggestive, but not graphic sex scenes (part of the deep gameplay of the popular game involving dating various cast members) and, shall we say, fills in the missing pieces. The conservative junket, among them rabid Christian right-wingers and various members of Congress eager to make a name for themselves have latched onto this particular mod as a lance in the fight against indecency and protecting our delicate children from the disgusting and corrupting reality of the outside world.
Rockstar Games, the publisher of the long-running and highly controversial game series has taken no responsibility for the modification of their code, as it is a third-party modification that takes advantage of a coding loophole. The question then becomes, how far is a company liable or responsible for modifications made without its knowledge to a product? I believe any sane person would agree that if the loophole is unintentional, then the company cannot be held liable. No one is forcing the download and installation of anything, and if a person is playing a game as steeped in relative morality and over-the-top fantasy as GTA: San Andreas, it is already far too late to call out the holy rollers.
I won’t be so cliched as to suggest that this mod is covered under the free speech amendment, for perhaps it is, but I’m not going to debate that here. I will however wonder at the furor being raised over this bit of code-I agree that this mod is not for those gamers lacking the skills to separate fiction from reality, and agree that it should be kept out of the hands of those too young and impressionable to distinguish an over-the-top fantasy like GTA:SA, but I would place the onus squarely upon parents or guardians to take responsibility to regulate this kind of activity, as this mod is arguably no worse than what is seen on an average night of TV, and if a child is too young to see these kinds of things, what is he/she doing playing a game like this to begin with?