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One of the things I love about the Web and about blogging in particular is the way people all over the world are adopting it as a convenient way to create a conversation with people in other cultures. Most of the things I write online are read by people from all over the world and I read stuff by people all over the world. My writing tends to be very U.S. centric because I write about what I know. I read and watch and listen to stuff from all over the world because I want to know about the rest of my world. One of the best places I’ve found for finding people who are writing about their experiences in the world is Global Voices Online. The site regularly points to people from all over the world who are telling their story about their world. I particularly enjoy the podcasts from Global Voices Online, which are conversations with people from around the globe. What I find fascinating is, while the site is sponsored by Harvard’s Berkman Center, it’s being done using technologies available to everyone with an Internet connection on a very tiny budget. Global Voices Online is using the Internet to make the world a smaller place.