Flexigensoft Labs announces today the release of the newest version of ActualDoc professional edition, a recent document manager with a powerful file search, a built-in viewer supporting over 40 file formats along with a system of filters and bookmarks. ActualDoc keeps track of all changes in your file system and logs them under password protection for your quick reference.
Links, histories, bookmarks and logs are your leads to data and contacts on the PC and the net. However, they can become webs that tie up your freedom and make you vulnerable. You are often challenged with the choice between comfort and security. With AcualDoc you don’t have to choose because you can have them both. The program doesn’t only keep the inventory of recently used documents and applications, web browser histories and cache; it also protects your valuable data from prying eyes or outside interference. When the program cleans your Windows histories, temp folders, cache, logs and recent documents folders, you don’t lose them but have them placed into a secure, password protected area. ActualDoc Pro will make your PC truly personal.
ActualDoc Pro gives the user an easy access to any location on the PC they feel need for. Just give a hint on the type of file you are looking for and leave the rest to the powerful search engine. The program’s far-flung tracking system will find them in no time. You can set a time frame and use the ActualDoc’s powerful set of filters to find any file fast. If you remember what’s inside the document but forgot the name, the search engine will scan your files for the file content. There is no way the information gets lost on your PC if you are assisted by ActualDoc. A disc log will register every case your physical memory is addressed by any application. It gives you a full picture of what’s going on in your PC. And that is more than what standard monitoring tools can provide you with. A built-in viewer allows a preview of over 40 file formats right from the ActualDoc window. With advanced clipboard, you can cut and paste images, HTML and PDF files as well as edit them.
ActualDoc Pro features the bookmark system elaborated to an extent unseen before. You can drag and drop a file into the bookmarks window while exploring you folders with another application, create and organize bookmark subfolders from the context menu or import them from another application. A click can produce any desired effect if you assign a specific action to the bookmark. If the file location is changed the program will suggest relocating the bookmark. A couple of clicks will do away with all dead bookmarks. Try ActualDoc bookmark system to appreciate the advanced level of comfort.
ActualDoc v.3.0 Features at a Glance

  • Registers all changes in file system and logs all physical memory addresses;
  • Built-in file viewer with support for over 40 formats (PDF, RTF, html, xml, plain text, jpeg (with EXIF info), gif, tiff, png, psd, bmp, tga, psp, eps, pdd, bw, rgb, rgba, sgi, sel, pic, sld, vst, icb, vda, win, pcx, pcc,scr, pcd, ppm, pgm, pbm, cut, rla, rpf, sff, emf, wmf);
  • Supports cut-and-paste between different file formats for text and graphics;
  • Cleans windows histories, cache and logs while saving the copy under password protection;
  • File filters and categorisers by type, date, location and customary;
  • Integrated system of bookmarks;
  • Supports full text search.

Pricing and Availability
ActualDoc Pro v.3.0 runs under Windows /2000/XP/2003 and costs 19.95 EUR for a personal license copy. Flexigensoft Labs has flexible pricing for multiple purchases and offers discounts on software bundles. Free technical support, updates and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee are extended to all registered users. A trial version is available for download.