Nikon D50 Review

Nikon D50 Looking to step up to SLR without investing massive dollars in a camera body? The Nikon D50 may be your best bet. At 6.1 megapixels, it’s more than good enough for digital images, with reasonably solid printing options. With slightly fewer features than the D70, it’s still a winner in the entry level SLR category according to DPReview.
From the review: “Digital SLR’s are quickly becoming the fastest moving segment of the digital camera market, this means more new digital SLR’s, more competition and lower prices. The Nikon D50 is introduced as a more affordable and easier to use version of the D70 which was released just under fifteen months ago. Anyone who has seen or handled the D70 will immediately see a strong resemblance in the D50, it’s only when you start to examine the camera in a little more detail that you notice the differences (we’ve detailed them below). Clearly the D50 is designed to compete with other affordable digital SLR’s such as the Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT), Pentax *ist DS and Olympus E-300.
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