Canon PowerShot SD400 Review

As much as I like the image quality of large body SLR cameras with pro lenses, I want a pocket sized camera when I travel. The SD400 is likely my next digital camera purchase. I’m not the only one who thinks the SD400 is almost the perfect pocket portable. DPReview gives it high marks in their hands-on review.
From DPReview: “Announced in February 2005, the SD400 (which goes by the names of Digital IXUS 50 in Europe and IXY DIGITAL 55 in Japan) is the latest in a long line of ultra-compact ‘ELPH’ or ‘IXUS’ cameras stretching back to early 2000 (and a lot farther back than that in the film camera world). Like the SD300 before it, the SD400 incorporates two UA (Ultra-high Refractive Index Glass Molded (GMo) Aspherical lens) elements which has allowed Canon to produced its smallest cameras yet to feature a 3x zoom. It may be smaller than a credit card, but Canon has still managed to cram a fairly comprehensive range of features into the SD400;”
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